Our Services


Wholesale Voice Services

Cliqnet is an international telecom service provider of choice for high value, quality and turn-key solutions. With our solid direct CLI and TDM termination to directs of Tiers 1,2 carriers in the telecom market, we are eligible to provide quality, reliable and stable wholesale route services to a large list of countries worldwide.

We offer wholesale and retail carriers, fixed and mobile operators with global access. Our team of experts are strategically placed to manage and assist you with the purchase and sale of traffic no matter where you are in the world.



Our SMS Platform is a multifunctional SMS application server for comprehensive traffic management which equips us with a capability to provide our customers with a full range of SMS transit and SMS retail services with outstanding benefits.

A multifunctional solution covering all the needs in SMS transit implementation and SMS service rendering.

Full featured SMS switch compatible with SMPP or IPSec switches and with inVoice system.

Intelligent routing system that provide a powerful messaging architecture that is scalable to thousands of messages per second. To ensure SMS delivery, long messages (more than 160 characters) are automatically split into multiple SMS.

Our range of competitive pricing, matched by our reliable service, has allowed us to help grow businesses of all shapes and sizes. With direct connections to mobile carriers around the world our proprietary enterprise grade SMS gateway offers unsurpassed service quality and security to our clients and partners.



CLIQNET with its partners have managed a complete Voice and Signalling traffic to multiple countries bringing state of the art infrastructure and services.

Dedicated Routing

Benefit from our global points of presence and connecting partners to ensure dedicated voice termination service capacity along with best available routing quality.

A to Z Premium Voice Services

Cliqnet offers complete A to Z premium Voice Services to operators. Ideal for fast deployment our A to Z voice solution allows quick revenue generation with highly competitive pricing, high QoS and alternative routing plans.


To ensure global coverage and QoS, Cliqnet is interconnected to major mobile operators, major global premium carriers and service providers.

Value Added Services

We offer different value added services to give mobile operators a competitive advantage and increased revenues. These services are: SMS interworking, roaming solutions, signalling and data services.