About Us

About Cliqnet

A Technology Company, technology and communication is at the heart of everything we do. Cliqnet is a global carrier and leading provider of wholesale and retail services specialising in international SMS and voice retail and wholesale along with a solutions based consultancy service providing high-performance data, IP and network transport information for national and international telecommunications carriers, cable companies, content providers, and mobile wireless companies.

Our ISP partner company www.melmasti.com is highly skilled at providing bespoke transmission signalling solutions in austere environments anywhere in the world.

A facilities-based full-service telecommunications company with a presence in several global PoPs supported by a 24/7 NOC. we specialise in Global Markets such as Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe and USA.

We are constantly growing and developing new products and services to bring you the best, at the same time adapting to changes within the international telecommunications industry.

With experienced leadership, an entrepreneurial focus and the power of its global network, the Cliqnet family of products is positioned to carry the company strongly into the future. We are committed to driving innovation within telecoms and are proud to partner with the industry’s leading associations to support our goal.



Our vision is to lead the Telecom industry and to become a source of knowledge and expertise in this niche for our clients.
Our mission is to assist our clients in finding best quality solutions to guide them through their business needs, in order to maximize revenues and margins utilising our optimised products.

To offer the highest and best quality to our customers, Cliqnet has established partnerships and business relations with leading telecom industry companies